In 1990, Teresa Teng sang ‘The Wound of History’ in Paris. She was interrupted by tears.Then she picked up the microphone and shorted, ‘The mainland compatriots, don’t compromise with the autocracy, don’t give up to the tyranny! Don’t be slain after the murder, the young people fall down, the blood is poured into the earth, everything will be remembered.'[Fist][Heart][Candle]


In 2006, Hou Dejian returned to the Mainland after having been deported 15 years ago. He asked a friend to help him apply for a Mainland visa. After waiting for 39 days in Hong Kong, he got a visa. The moment he took the visa, he wrote the song ‘ In the blink of an eye’ on a napkin in the restaurant. The singer is Li Jianfu, and he also sang ‘Descendents of the Dragon.’