In 1990, Teresa Teng sang ‘The Wound of History’ in Paris. She was interrupted by tears.Then she picked up the microphone and shorted, ‘The mainland compatriots, don’t compromise with the autocracy, don’t give up to the tyranny! Don’t be slain after the murder, the young people fall down, the blood is poured into the earth, everything will be remembered.'[Fist][Heart][Candle]


On the afternoon of 6.1, Jinzhou Binhai New Area Public Security Bureau launched the #Police Camp Open Day# activity, which invited 12 students from Linhai Primary School, Nanling Primary School and their parents for the Children’s day . During the event, the instructor explained the performance of the 64-type pistol, 92-type pistol, revolver, explosion-proof gun, sniper rifle and other weapons.


[Historical Image: Romanian Revolution] On December 16, 1989, a police and residents conflict occurred in Timisoara. The police fired at the residents and caused several casualties.The incident triggered a large-scale anti-government demonstration and demonstration in Romania. On December 21, 1989, Ceausescu held a mass event in the square in front of the Communist headquarters to try to guide people to condemn the Timisoara incident as roit. Someone at the venue shouted : Down with Ceausescu