Weiboscope 六四微博屏蔽關鍵字分析 / Analysis of censorship keywords on weibo messages about June 4th Incident
上圖以所有經香港大學新聞及傳媒研究中心 Weiboscope 計劃收集的內文含有「六四」、「胡耀邦」、「天安門」、「趙紫陽」微博進行分析。經人工智能分詞後,再對比每個詞語與屏蔽機會率的關係。詞語字型愈大代表屏蔽機會率愈高。點擊詞語會自動檢索 Weiboscope 屏蔽微博數據庫。

The above visualization is constructed with all weibo messages collected by the Weiboscope project (Journalism and Media Studies Centre, HKU) with the following words in the content: June 4th (六四), Hu Yaobang (胡耀邦), Tienanamen (天安門) and Zhao Ziyang (趙紫陽). All included messages were tokenized into phrases by artificial intelligence software and the censorship probability was studied for each phrase. Larger pharse size represents higher likelihood of being censored. Click the phrases to search for censored weibo messages in the Weiboscope database.

開發 Developer: Chung-hong Chan, PhD Student, Journalism & Media Studies Centre, HKU
指導 Supervisor: King-Wa Fu, Assistant Professor, Journalism & Media Studies Centre, HKU

Last update: Thu Jul 10 01:11:41 2014